How to use the Wishlist plugin?

How to use the Wishlist plugin?

The wishlist plugin allows your customers to add products to their wishlist. It also gives you the functionality to send notifications over SMS and WhatsApp to prompt purchases.

Note: The wishlist plugin only works on the Mana theme. Presently, only users based in India will be able to use the notification functionality.

How to install the Wishlist plugin?

To install the wishlist plugin go to the plugins section and search for “Wishlist”. You can go over the description and FAQ as well.

Click on the install plugin and head over to the plugin settings.

After installing the wishlist plugin, here is what your store would look like. Notice the heart icon at the top and on your products.

How does the wishlist functionality work?

On clicking the heart icon, your users will be prompted to log in via OTP. They will then be able to add the product to their wishlist, including selecting the variant if you have added using the advance catalogue.

- Make sure that you map images to your variants in the advance catalogue so you can see them in the wishlist section as well

You will be able to see details of all products your customers have added to their wishlist in the wishlist dashboard.

Using the wishlist dashboard

You can access the wishlist dashboard by clicking on the settings button on the wishlist plugin screen.

Here, upon activating the wishlist, the following screen will appear; asking you to update inventory. This is important as it will allow you to understand the number of people who have added the products to their wishlist, send notifications to prompt purchase and keep a check on the inventory you presently have.

If no customer has added a product to their wishlist

If no customer has added a product to their wishlist, you will see the below screen.

If a customer has added a product to their wishlist

In case products have been added to the wishlist, you will see the below screen. You can also see the number of unique products that have been added to wishlists at the top. In the below image, it is 5 products.


The title of the product is given in this field.


The units or the variants of the product that have been added to the wishlist by your customers will be shown here.

If the product does not have any variants, the number of units of the product will be shown.


The total number of products presently in your inventory will be given here.

No. of customers

Total number of customers who have added that variant/product to their wishlist.


By clicking on the Notify customers button, you can choose to notify the customers who have added the variant/product to their wishlists.

Notifying customers who have added products to their wishlist

Note: The notification facility is only available for sellers based in India right now.

Clicking on the Notify customers button will open a marketing modal, allowing you to notify the customers via WhatsApp or SMS.

You can choose to send these messages via SMS or WhatsApp.

You’ll see a few pre-approved message template options that you can send to your customers.

Let's take the example of sending a message via WhatsApp. After selecting the template of your choice, click on Continue.

After clicking on continue, you will be taken to the preview & pay page. Here you can see the preview of the message that will be sent along with the total amount you will have to spend to send the messages.

The text in curly brackets are variables that will be auto-populated basis the selection of your customers.

In case you have Dukaan credits, you will see the button Broadcast now, if there is no Dukaan credits balance, you will see the Pay & broadcast button.

Upon clicking on the button the message will be broadcasted to your customers.

The broadcast functionality works similarly for SMS as well.

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