How to use the Abandoned orders section?

How to use the Abandoned orders section?

Abandoned orders are those left at the payment gateway during online checkout (draft status). The section provides insights into customers who exit the website after adding products to their cart.

How to view Abandoned orders?

1.Navigate to the Abandoned Section:
Click on Orders in the left-side panel to go to the Abandoned section. A screen will appear, displaying a list of your abandoned carts.

2.Using the Abandoned Orders Section:

Search: You can search for abandoned orders in the search bar by either entering the reference ID or the name of the customer.

Download Report:

You can export the abandoned order report by clicking on the export button beside the lifetime filter button.

Filter: You can filter which orders you wish to see by clicking on the lifetime filter.

Sending recovery messages for abandoned orders

If your store is in India, you also have the option to send recovery messages via WhatsApp.

To send a recovery message to your customers with abandoned orders, first click on Orders and then on Abandoned Orders. Once the abandoned orders section opens, you will be able to view all of your abandoned orders customers.

To set up automated recovery messages, click on the Recovery Settings button and enable the Send Recovery Message Automatically toggle.

On enabling the toggle, the following options will be visible:

  1. Broadcast medium: You will be able to send recovery messages via WhatsApp.

  2. Recovery messages: Select the message that you want to send to your customers from a pre-defined set of templates provided.

  3. Send after: Here, you can choose when to send the recovery message to your customers after they have left their cart abandoned.

Once all the options are selected, simply click on Update button to activate the Automatic Recovery Message communications.

Note : No Dukaan credits will be deducted to send recovery messages to your customers.

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