How to create a Staff Account in Dukaan?

How to create a Staff Account in Dukaan?

Note: The Staff Account feature is available exclusively on Dukaan Web.

With the Staff Account feature, you can easily share your store's access with staff members and assign specific roles.

1. Accessing Staff Account Feature:

To invite staff members to access the store, navigate to Store settings. Inside Store settings, click on the "Staff Accounts" section to manage and invite staff.

2. Adding a Staff Account:

Click on the "Add staff account" button to begin the process. Enter the required details such as email or mobile number, their name, and assign a role.

3. Choose from Three Roles:

Select a role based on the level of access required:

  • Admin: Access to the complete store and all features.

  • Manager: Access to all features except Payments, Accounts, and Reports.

  • Staff: Limited access to Orders and Delivery features.

4. Sending the Invite:

After entering the details, click on the "Send invite" button. An invitation will be sent to the staff member's email or mobile number.

5. Accepting the Invite:

The staff member can accept the invite, create a password for their account, and commence managing your store.

6. Monitoring Invitations:

All your invited staff members will be visible now, and you can edit the role of your staff member or delete the staff account.

After sending an invite, you'll see a pending state until the staff member accepts it.

Note: The number of staff accounts allowed varies based on your active plan. Click here to explore more about the pricing plans and determine the staff account limits for your subscription.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage and collaborate with your staff members on Dukaan, ensuring smooth store operations.

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