How to Add a New Product on Dukaan?

How to Add a New Product on Dukaan?

In Dukaan, products can be added in two ways: individually or in bulk. Below is a step-by-step guide for adding products individually.

Navigate to the Product Screen and click on Add new product option at the top right. Here, you can input product information, media, inventory, shipping & tax details, variants, attributes, and SEO details.

1. Product Information:

  • Easily input essential details like name, price, and more to showcase your product.

  • Each product must be assigned to a category. Click on "Select Categories" to choose one or more categories for your product. If your product doesn't fit an existing category, click "Add New Category" to create one. Click here to learn more on product categories.

  • Add the price, discounted price (if any) and description for your product.

  • Include a product description and upload media files such as images and video links that will be visible to your buyers.

2. Product Media:

Upload captivating images and video links to make your product stand out and attract more customers.

3. Manage Inventory:

Add available inventory for each product. Before doing so, ensure you've added a warehouse. Learn how to add a warehouse here.

Note: Once inventory reaches 0, the product will be marked 'out of stock,' and customers won't be able to order until you update the inventory.

4. Configure Shipping Options and Tax Rules:

Streamline your sales process by configuring shipping options and tax rules. Add shipment weight, HSN code, and GST details if applicable. (To add GST at the product level, set up GST in store details. Learn how here.)

5. Add Product Variants:

Enhance your product by adding variants such as sizes, colors and more. Make sure to manage inventory for all product variants across warehouses.

6. Additional Information:

Enhance your searchability by categorising products with the help of tags.

7. Optimize with Dukaan SEO:

Boost your product's visibility on search engines with Dukaan SEO. Add or generate Title and Meta description tags, and include a social sharing image.

8. Add Product Attributes:

Add custom attributes to your products, enhancing search and filter capabilities for customers. Note: This option will be only available after installing the Product Attributes plugin. Click here to learn more about Product Attributes.

9. Add the Product to Your Store:

Once you've completed all the details, click on the Add Product button, and your new product will be added to your store.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly add and manage your products on Dukaan, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers.


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