How to upload my products in bulk?

How to upload my products in bulk?

If you have hundreds of products, adding them manually can be tedious. That’s why bulk add is here to the rescue. Now you can add details of multiple products, set prices, and upload them in one go.

Note: The bulk add feature is only available on desktops and laptops.

To bulk upload products, go to Products and click the dropdown arrow. Then, click on Bulk upload products button on the top right.

You’ll see the below screen. In order to do a bulk add, first, you need to download the excel template. Click on the sample CSV template to download the template.

Open the template once it’s downloaded. You’ll see different columns for which you have to fill in the details. Let’s understand what these columns mean.

Column Name



Product Name

The Title for your product, title only for product is needed variant titles if needed for feed etc are Generated automatically


Map and hierarchy where the product belongs to currently, including the subcategories

Categories Hierarchy and guidelines as added in example, Tshirt Product belongs to "Shirts>Men>Cotton", "All Products > Men > Tshirts" , which means for Tshirt the First Parent Category is Shirts, subcategory Men, Last level category Cotton, so the product is present in Cotton Sub category, Similary the product is also prenst in Tshirts sub category. However, if product needs to be present in All Products and Men, then this format to be followed: "All Products > Men > Tshirts, All Products, Men"

Product Description

The Description for your product

Category / Subcategory map is group level value, leave blank for variants in a group.

Note: The file you download, will have HTML quotes appended. You can use this online tool to get the HTML description for your product


Product Display Price

The MRP of your product

Discounted Price

Product Selling Price / Salsh Price

While updating price please ensure that the selling price / slash price is not above 'price'

Variant SKU Code

SKU code added by merchant for unique products on panel

Variant Label 1

Primary Variant Label - Title

Variant Value 1

Primary Variant Values for SKU

Ensure that if Color is being used as Variant Label, the Value corresponding to it is the Hex code of the colour required. Ensure that all Colour Labels are either in 1 or 2 to ensure uniformness on PDP

Variant Label 2

Primary Variant Label - Title

This can be Size, Material, Pattern etc - Text of your choice, basis your products

Variant Value 2

Primary Variant Values for SKU

Tax Value (%)

SKU Level tax value

Enter values without the % sign here and you can configure if product prices are inclusive or exclusive of GST by going into Settings > Tax


Service code if needed

Product Weight

Product Dead Weight

Enter dead product weight in kgs. Example, for 4.3 kgs product, enter simply 4.3, for 500 gms product, enter 0.5

Image links (up to 24 for each product group)

Images on a variant level. Ensure that total images for a product does not exceed 30

Use Google drive or dropbox links of the respective images (open for viewing) & separated by commas. For example,, If you would like separate primary image for the variants, add those images corresponding to variant SKU. Means, on clicking Green, you want to view product images for green colour, add those corresponding to the green colour variant.

Additional Information

  • EAN/HSN Code: Enter the EAN/HSN code of the product.

  • SEO title: Enter an SEO-optimized meta title for your product.

  • SEO description: Enter an SEO-optimized meta description for your product.

    • Note Entering data in the SEO categories will enable the SEO plugin and add the values accordingly

  • Product description: In this section, add details and information about the product.

    • You can enter them as both texts or as an HTML snippet. For example:
      Text example:
      White T-shirt for Men Solid Regular length Round neck Short, regular sleeves Knitted cotton fabric.
      Size; Fit Regular Fit The model (height 6') is wearing a size M

    • HTML Example:
      <p>PRODUCT DETAILS White T-shirt for Men Solid Regular length Round neck Short, regular sleeves Knitted cotton fabric</p> <p><b>Size; Fit Regular Fit The model (height 6') is wearing a size M</p>
      Variant1: In this category, you can specify the 1st variant of the product.

    • (Note: The column needs to have the same type of variant throughout. For example: If Variant 1 for my product is the size, all of the variants following later need to be the size only)

Once you have all the details, save the file. In the Bulk add products screen, click on Add file button to upload the file.

A dialogue box will appear, here select the file which you just saved and click on the Upload button. Once the file is uploaded, you’ll see a preview of all the products that you’ll be adding. You can review the products you have uploaded and see if there are any errors.

After reviewing, click on Save and add products button at the bottom.

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