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Why is my website not showing on Google?
Why is my website not showing on Google?
Understand why your website is not showing up on Google
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Showing up on search engine results like Google takes a lot of patience and time.

There could be several reasons why your online store isn’t showing up in search engine results:

Pointers to improve your online search presence

  • Manually submit your site to Google: Connect the Google Search Console plugin to your store and submit your site to Google. Watch the video to know how below:

  • Ensure that your SEO details are intact: Using the All-in-One SEO plugin on Dukaan, you can ensure that your SEO details are accurate, be it your store name, description, logo, and meta-descriptions

    • Add SEO level data for your products, categories, and sub-categories as well by going into their respective sections on your Dukaan dashboard

    • Create additional pages about your store like 'About Us', 'Our Story', etc. Learn how to add additional pages to your store

  • Start a blog: Starting an online blog is an excellent wat to get topical relevance on your store. If you want to know how to start a blog using Dukaan, click here.

    • Interlink your blogs with your product

  • Upload your product feed on Google: You can upload your product feed on Google using the Google Merchant Center plugin on Dukaan

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