Note: The custom scripts plugin will only work if you have a custom domain linked to your store.

What are the custom scripts?

Custom scripts are software programs that add interactive features to your website. For example, some of the more popular scripts add search boxes, guest books, discussion boards, shopping carts, or clocks to your Web pages.

What can you do with this plugin?

This plugin allows you to insert custom scripts in the header or footer sections of your Dukaan Storefront.

How to use the Custom Script Inserter Plugin?

First, go to the Plugins section and search for Custom Script Inserter. Once the plugin appears click on install plugin and head over to plugin settings.

To add a new script click on + Add Script.

On clicking the button you will be asked to enter the Name of the script and the position of the script. The plugin provides you with 3 positions

  • Header

  • (Body) Footer

Upon entering both the fields, you will be prompted to enter your desired script. Based on the position you choose, the script will either be added to the header or the Body (footer) of your website.

After entering the script, click on Save. The script will now be added to your website.

You can create multiple scripts and can control whether they are Active or Inactive, in the plugin dashboard. To deactivate a script, click on the toggle button in the status column.

(Note: The procedure to add a script for the Header and the Body (Footer) is the same.)

Edit existing Scripts

To edit an existing script, click on the script you wish to edit in the plugin dashboard.

Make the required changes in the script, and click on Update.

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