Note: This is presently applicable only for sellers with stores set up outside India.
We are testing the feature in India and it will be made live in the coming days.

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a TCP/IP protocol used in sending and receiving e-mail.

Presently, all order-related communication to your customers is sent via Setting up the SMTP communication allows your customers to receive emails from your email ID (say,

Let's see how to set up the SMTP communication:

Head over to the Store settings section by clicking the dropdown on the top right corner of your Dukaan dashboard.

In the Preferences section, scroll down to the Communications section. You will see Sender email (SMTP) written there.

Click on the email ID and the pop-up dialogue box will open.

Now, select Custom (SMTP).

Once your details are entered, click on Verify and connect. We will send a test email and if delivered, your SMTP service will be active.

Note: In order to use the SMTP service, you need to have your own SMTP service running. The SMTP service will provide these details depending on the platform like gSuite, Zapier etc.

Setting up Gmail SMTP service on Dukaan

  • In the SMTP Email Host enter

  • In SMTP Username and Custom Email Address enter your Gmail email ID.

  • In the SMTP port enter 587

  • Now click on this link and enable two-factor authentication for your Gmail ID

  • After that click on this link and choose mail in the select app field. In the device section choose other (custom name)

  • Then, enter the name as Dukaan and click generate

  • Copy and paste the password in the Dukaan SMTP configuration page.

  • NOTE: This password will be visible only once

  • Click verify and connect

Setting up Zoho SMTP service on Dukaan

  • In the SMTP Email Host enter:

  • In the SMTP port enter 587

  • SMTP username: Your Zoho email goes here

  • SMTP password: Your Zoho email password goes here

  • Customer Email address: Your Zoho email goes here

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