Do you know that by referring Dukaan Premium to other business owners, you can earn cash rewards, while the business owner also stands to benefit from the referrals?

Dukaan offers referrals on 2 special plans - Premium Quarterly and Premium Annual. These plans have special features and offerings as compared to the trial plan. Get others to subscribe to any of these plans and earn cash rewards, as mentioned below.

For the Quarterly Premium Plan referral, you earn Rs. 500 in cash while the person you refer gets Rs. 250 worth Dukaan Credits.

For an Annual Premium Plan referral, you earn Rs. 1400 in cash while the person you refer gets Rs. 700 worth Dukaan Credits. They can use Dukaan Credits earned for Dukaan Marketing and Dukaan Delivery.

How does it work?

Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial:



Please note that a Dukaan User can earn a referral bonus only if the person referred purchases either of the above 2 plans. Also, a Dukaan User can avail a maximum of 5 successful referrals only.

Go ahead and get your friends and other business owners on Dukaan. HAPPY REFERRING!

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