With this new update, you can now edit and design your own promotional banners, stories, and business cards with much ease.

To start creating and editing your own design, go to Manage and Promotional Designs. Choose any of the options - Business Cards, Store Banners, or WhatsApp Stories.

Let's go with Store Banners and see how it works. You'll see the below screen.

Here, you can edit and format Text, add Shapes, change the Position of elements and change the Opacity.


If you want to add a new text, click on the T button. Enter any text or message that you want to put on the banner.

You can also change the font type, font size, font color, text alignment and make it bold, italic, or underline from the options highlighted below.


You can also add visual elements to the design with Shapes.

You can add Shapes, Arrows, and Callouts. Choose any element that you want to add and it'll be added to the design.

You can now adjust the size, change color, opacity, and position of this element from the menu.


If you want to bring an element to Forward, Backward, or want to align it to Top, Bottom, or any other place, you can do it with the Position option.

Let's say you want to bring the text SHOP FROM hidden behind the new element to the front.

Go to Position and select Forward. Now that text is in front of the element.


With Opacity, you can adjust the transparency of the element. Click on the Opacity button and choose the desired level of transparency for the element.

You can also Undo actions if you want to go back to the previous version of the design.

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