To add products individually, click on Products and then click on Add new product button on the top right.

You’ll see the below screen where you have to add information about the product, category, price, and photos.

While adding a product, you can also add it under multiple categories at once. While adding a product, click on Choose categories to select categories. Now, if you want to show this product under different categories in your store, select them by clicking on them. For example, here I have selected both - Sandwiches and Snacks - categories because I want to show Cheese Sandwich (product) under both categories.

With Add Inventory, you can add the available inventory for each product. This option notifies you when your product goes out of stock. Once this inventory reaches 0, the product will be turned out of stock automatically and customers won't be able to order this product unless you update the inventory again.

If you have additional sizes for the product or the product has multiple colors, you can add them from sections - Add Sizes and Add Colors - respectively. In the below example, I have added a Brown color Medium-sized t-shirt at a discounted price of USD 49.

Once done, click on Add Product button and the product will be added to your store.

Note: If you're a Restaurant or Hotel, while adding a new product you'll see options to Add Variants and Add-ons, instead of Sizes and Colors.

To add a variant, click on Add Variant button and enter the variant name, Price, and selling price. To remove a variant, click on the Remove button highlighted in the red color.

If you offer add-ons on a food or beverage item, you can do that as well. Click on Add add-on button and then click on Create new add-on. Enter the add-on name and its price and save it.

If you want to make an add-on compulsory, click on the checkbox. This add-on will be added to the product when a customer places the order.

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