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How to add policies to my store?
How to add policies to my store?
Learn how to add return, refund and terms & conditions policies to your store
Written by Namrata Sawhney
Updated over a week ago

Now you can add Return, Refund, Terms & Conditions policies to your Dukaan store with just a few clicks.

To add them, go to Account and click on Policies.

Here you can see all three policies templates. We suggest you review the content of the policy and make changes as per your store before applying them.

Once you've made changes to the policies, click on Add as store page button.

Now, to display these policies on your store, click on Appearance and choose Menus.

Under the Pages section, click on the Policy Name checkbox to select and then click on Add to Menu button.

Click on the Save Menu button to make changes. Once done, select policies will be shown on your store.

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