Note: This is applicable only to users in India.

Now you can manage order deliveries across India with Dukaan Delivery.

Dukaan Delivery makes it easier for you to ship products without having to go through the trouble of finding a reliable delivery service provider and negotiating for a better price.

To learn how to use Dukaan Delivery, watch the video or read the article below:

To start using Dukaan Delivery, first, you need to submit your business details. To do that, go to Manage and click on Dukaan Delivery.

Here, enter your business details, address (from where the orders will be picked), and GST number. Click on Update to proceed.

Now to ship and order via Dukaan Delivery, go to the Orders tab and select the pending order that you want to ship. Click on Accept button. Now, you can check the delivery fee before shipping the order. Click on Calculate Dukaan Delivery charges button and enter the weight to check the delivery charges. If you anyway want to ship, click on the Ship order button.

After clicking on the Ship Order button, you can see two options to deliver your products.

  1. Self Ship - Manage and ship products on your own

  2. Dukaan Shipping - Use Dukaan Shipping for hassle-free shipments

Now, the next step is to enter the shipment weight. For example, if the shipment package weighs 500gms, enter 0.5. Click on the Continue button.

Now, this is the final step. You can see the details related to order, delivery charges, and estimated pickup and delivery date. To finally raise the pickup request, pay the outstanding amount and request for delivery. To do that, click on the Pay & request delivery button.

Note that, you can pay for delivery using Dukaan Credits to make the process quicker.

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