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How to use Marketing Campaigns?
How to use Marketing Campaigns?
Learn how to launch Marketing Campaigns to get sales
Written by Namrata Sawhney
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Note: This is applicable only to users in India.

Marketing your products to the right customers, at the right time is crucial for getting sales. With the help of Marketing Campaigns, you can now launch an SMS & WhatsApp marketing campaign and share your products, offer or store with people.

To create your first SMS campaign, click on Marketing. You'll see the below screen where you can track the performance of past campaigns (store views, orders, sales, cost) or create a new one.

Click on Create Campaign button to create your first SMS campaign. You'll see the below screen.

The first step is to name the campaign. You can name it anything but a good practice is to name it in a way that you can identify why the campaign was launched. For example, if you want to run a Holiday Sale campaign, name it the same. Also, note that 1 SMS is equivalent to 0.33 Dukaan Credit. Click on the Continue button.

The second step is to choose the message that you want to share with customers. Here we have added message templates that you can use to make it easier for you. Select the template of your choice and click on the Continue button.

The third step is to select the customers to whom you want to send the SMS. Here, you can target:

  1. All Customers - Send SMS to all customers who've purchased from your store

  2. New Customers - Send SMS to first-time customers who've purchased from your store

  3. Returning Customers - Send SMS to customers who've purchased from your store more than once

  4. Import Customers - Import customers' contact from your database and send SMS to them

Click on the Continue button to move forward.

The final step is to review the campaign and pay the total amount. You can pay for Marketing Campaigns with Dukaan Credits or can pay as and when you use them. To learn more about how to add Dukaan Credits, refer to this article.

Click on the Pay & Broadcast button to complete the payment and launch your SMS marketing campaign. You can pay via online payment or Dukaan Credits. If you pay via Dukaan Credits, you get 25% OFF. If you want to see how the message will look to your customers, you can send a test SMS on your registered number as well. Click on the Send a test SMS on my number to do that.

After you've made the payment, messages will be delivered to the customers that you selected.

Once the campaign is launched, you can check its performance in terms of how many people viewed your store, total orders, and total sales you got from the campaign. To see the performance go to the Marketing section. Click on the campaign name to see its performance. Once clicked, you can see all the relevant details of the campaign.

How to Import Customers?

To import customers, click on the Import more customers button. Now, download the XLS template by clicking on it to see how to add customer details the right way.

Open the template once downloaded. There are two columns where you need to add the details - Name, and Mobile.

Enter the details for customers that you want to import. Save the file once done.

Now to import these customers, click on the Add File button. Select the saved file and click on Import to complete the process.

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