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How to get my own app for the store?
How to get my own app for the store?
Learn how to download your store's own app
Written by Namrata Sawhney
Updated over a week ago

Now, get your store's own app (APK file) and share it with your customers. Having your own app helps customers to browse the store with just one tap and place orders easily. If you want to upload it to Google Play Store, you can do this as well.

To download your store's APK file, go to Account and click Get your own App.

Once clicked, you'll see the below screen. Click on Download your store APK. When you click it, your store's APK will be downloaded. After the APK is downloaded, you can share the app with your customers via WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other medium.

Now, have your own business app without spending any money.

How to publish my store's app on Google Play Store?

To publish the APK to Play Store, refer to this article. This article explains in an easy and step-by-step manner to help you publish your own app on Play Store.

You can also refer to this video to learn the complete process:

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