The invoice generator makes it easy for you to create sales invoices in just a few minutes. With this pre-built template, you can make changes to your invoice as per your needs and download it.

To use it, go to Manage and click on Invoice Generator. You’ll see the below screen.

All the text details here are editable. For example, click on the business name, address, date, or message to edit the details as per your requirement.

To add item details to the invoice, click on Item under Item Description to add the item name. Under Quantity edit the units by clicking on it and change the Unit price in the same way.

To add another item to the invoice, click on Add line item and enter the quantity & unit price as explained earlier.

To edit the tax rate, click on Sales Tax. Now edit the tax name and percentage as applicable. Make sure you follow the same format for tax, otherwise the tax won’t be calculated. For example, if you need to add GST of 18%, edit to GST (18%).

Once you have made all the changes, click on the Download Invoice button.

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