Who doesn’t love discounts and a great deal on products? Nobody.

Discount Coupons help you create coupons for your promotional or sales events. Coupons help a business grow by offering its customers products at amazing prices.

To create a coupon for your business, go to Manage and then select Discount Coupons. You’ll be greeted with the below screen. Click on Create a coupon to get started.

Now, you have to enter a few details about the discount that you’re planning to give to your customers.

In Coupon Code, enter a code that customers will use to avail of the discount. You can enter any name that you want, but make sure it’s easy to remember by customers.

Uses per customer helps you to set a limit to how many times a customer can use this coupon.

There are two types of discount coupons that you can create - percent and flat discount.

In percentage discount, as the name suggests, you can specify the percentage off that you’re giving to customers on the total bill. The good part is, you can mention the minimum order value for the coupon to be eligible and cap the maximum discount, irrespective of the total billing amount.

For example, I have added 10% off on a minimum order value of Rs. 100, but the maximum discount a customer can avail is Rs. 50 on an order.

Another type of discount is a flat discount. Here, you can mention the discount amount that you’ll be offering on a minimum order value. For example, here I have added flat Rs. 50 off on a minimum order value of Rs. 100.

At the bottom, you’ll also see a toggle button asking - show coupon to customers? If you keep it on, customers can see the coupon while doing the checkout from your online store. If you want to keep the coupon private and want to share it with selected customers, you can turn it off by clicking on the toggle button.

When everything is set, click on the Create button at the bottom and the coupon will be created. Now you can share the coupon with your customers to start getting the orders.

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