To help you promote your business, we have designed beautiful promotional images which can be shared on your WhatsApp Stories. As WhatsApp is used by a lot of people, you have a higher chance of getting orders from people who already trust you and your business, when you share it.

To choose a banner of your choice, click on Manage. Now choose Promotional Designs and then select WhatsApp Stories.

There are two types of designs available for your use - Editable and Non-editable. With editable designs, you can change the edit heading, description, and footer on the designs to suit your needs. Non-editable as the name suggests, can’t be edited much and you can only edit footers on the stories.

Select any design that you like and click on Edit text and change it as per your needs.

When you’re finished making changes, click on the Save button. Once done, click on the Share button to share the story on WhatsApp. You can also use this design as Stories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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