This article will help you understand how settlement works on Dukaan, where can you check them and how long does it take.

A settlement is a process through which sellers receive the money paid by their customers for a product or service. In a settlement, there are multiple parties involved. A settlement is also known as payouts.

Let’s look at how the complete settlement process works:

A customer places the order on your store through online payment

When you accept the order, the customer receives the notification that the order has been accepted.

You can see the amount on hold for your store. Amount on hold tells you the total amount that has not been credited to your linked account. For the amount to be credited to your account, deliver the orders to the customers.

Once you deliver the order to the customer, the amount will be credited to your bank account within 24 hours.

How to check the status of your payments?

To check the status of online payments against your orders, go to Manage then click on Online Payments.

You can filter the status of the payment by - On hold, Payouts, and Refunds

•On hold - It shows all amounts that customers have already paid but have not been credited to your account. This will be credited once you deliver the order.

• Payouts - It shows all the payments that have been credited to your bank account.

•Refunds - Amount that has been refunded back to your customer when you rejected the order.

Note: If your amount is still on hold even after delivering the order, please wait for 24 hours. Still, if the issue persists, please reach out to us.

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