When you receive an order and want to make some changes to the order, you can do it with the help of Edit Order.

Note: You can only Edit orders before accepting them.

With the help of the Edit option, you can reduce the order quantity and change the delivery fees for the orders.

To edit orders, go to Orders and select the order that you want to edit. You’ll see an option of Edit order, click on that.

Now, you can see two options to edit. You can edit the order quantity and delivery fee.

Edit Quantity - With this option, you can either reduce the quantities or remove the product completely.

Choose the option as per your requirement and click Confirm.

Edit Delivery Fee - With this option, you can change the delivery fee for a particular order. Click on the Edit delivery fee button and enter the new delivery fee for the order and click Confirm.

Once you’ve made the changes, click on the Request Confirmation button at the bottom. Order modification request will be sent to the customer.

Once the customer accepts the modified order, you can see the order under the Pending section.

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