Now, you don’t need to know complex graphic designing tools to create banners and marketing designs to promote your business.

Note: Learn how to edit and design your own Store banners.

We have made beautifully designed store banners for your online business that are pre-built & customizable to suit your needs.

These banners can be used on different occasions, for example, when you’re running sales events during festivals, promotional events during special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or promoting a new product.

To choose a banner of your choice, click on Manage. Now choose Promotional Designs and then select Store Banners.

There are two types of designs available for your use - Editable and Non-editable. With editable designs, you can change the text on the designs to suit your needs. Non-editable as the name suggests, can’t be edited, and should be used as is.

To begin, click on the Editable button to filter out designs that can be edited. Select any design that you like. To edit the text, double-click on the text and change it as per your needs.

If you want to use other designs, click on the Non-editable button and choose the banner of your choice. Please note, these designs can’t be edited.

Once done, click on the Download this banner button at the bottom. Now, you can use these banners on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, or any other social media platform to promote your business.

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