If you have hundreds of products, adding them manually can be tedious. That’s why bulk add is here to the rescue. Now you can add details of multiple products, set prices, and upload them in one go.

Note: Bulk add feature is only available on desktops and laptops.

To bulk add products, go to Products and click on the Bulk add products button on the top right. You’ll see the below screen. In order to do a bulk add, first, you need to download the excel template. Click on the sample XLSX template to download the template.

Open the template once it’s downloaded. You’ll see different columns for which you have to fill in the details. Let’s understand what these columns mean.

  • Product Name - Mention the name of the product here

  • Category Name - Select the category from the drop-down to which the product belongs. For example, if you’re selling Surf Excel, the category would be Detergent. Make sure you’re selecting the category from the drop-down ONLY

  • Selling Price - The price at which you’ll be selling the product. If you keep this empty, your product will be sold at MRP

  • MRP - Maximum Retail Price of the product

  • Base Quantity - This will determine how many quantities will be sold at the selling price or MRP. For example, if you mention the base quantity as 2 and the price as Rs. 30, you’ll be selling 2 quantities of the product for Rs. 30

  • Units - Choose the appropriate unit for the product from the drop-down

  • Product Description - Add details and information about the product here

How to add a category of my choice?

In the template, click on the Category sheet. Here, add categories of your products that you want to upload in each row. For example, I have added 5 categories that are related to my products. Once you enter the category name here, you will be able to select the category from the drop-down in BulkUploadTemplate sheet.

Once you have all the details, save the file. In the Bulk add products screen, click on Add file button to upload the file.

A dialog box will appear, here select the file which you just saved and click on the Upload button. Once the file is uploaded, you’ll see a preview of all the products that you’ll be adding. At this point, you can also add images for each product (upto 8 images per product). Once you’re done, click on Save and add products button at the bottom.

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