To add a product on your store, click on the "Add new product" button in the "Products" section.

Adding a product will take less than a minute. Here are some product details which have to be added.

1. Add up to 8 product images (optional)

2. Product Name

3. Product Category

4. MRP & Selling Price

5. Quantity & Unit

6. Product Description (optional)

7. Variants - Size and pricing & Colours (optional)

Once you have entered all the details of your product, just click on "Add Product" and the product will be added to your catalogue.

You can also choose from our Readymade catalogue if your business falls under any of the below categories:

  1. Fruits and Vegetables

  2. Restaurant and Bakery

  3. Fresh Meat and Fish

  4. Grocery and Essentials

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