How to set delivery fees?

How to set delivery fees?

To set delivery fees for your store, click on "Extra Charges" under the Manage section. Click on the toggle to turn on Delivery Fees for your store.

Here you will find 2 ways to set delivery fees.

1. Delivery fees per order: This will add a delivery fee for each order.

For example, if you have added delivery charges per order as ₹25 then the buyer will be charged ₹25 per order. As far you've set the correct value for free delivery above option.

2. Free Delivery Above: This will give the buyer free delivery if the cart value exceeds more than the value set for Free Delivery Above.

For example, if you've set free delivery above as ₹100 then if buyer cart value exceeds ₹100 then the buyer will get free delivery even though if you had added delivery fees per order.

Let's take a look at some popular delivery fees pricing structures:

1. If you do not want to charge any delivery fees from your buyer then you can simply enter ₹0 for both fields.

2. If you want to charge delivery fees from the buyer for all orders then you can simply enter how much you want to charge per order like ₹25 and set Free Delivery Above to let say like ₹100,000 - usually the cart value will be less than this only so your delivery fees will be added for all the orders.

3. If you want to charge delivery fees from buyers only when they shop for less than let's say like ₹499 then in the Delivery Fees Per Order enter how much would you like to charge per order - ₹25 and in the Free Delivery Above enter ₹499. If any buyer shops for more than ₹499 they'll get free delivery as per your delivery pricing.

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