Dukaan Delivery - Guidelines

Dukaan Delivery - Guidelines

Thank you for choosing Dukaan for your Logistics related requirements, please go through the below guidelines for us to provide you with a seamless service.

  • When you ship an order using Dukaan delivery, Dukaan will show you the estimated pickup time, delivery time, and list of Courier Partners.

  • Once you select the Courier Partners and Proceed, you will be asked to enter the Product weight after which the shipping charges will show up.

  • Enter the volumetric weight or dead weight of the shipment whichever is higher while shipping an order to avoid any discrepancies (dead weight is the actual weight of the shipment.)

    Volumetric weight = length * breadth * height / 5000
    *** length, breadth & height to be entered in cms

Example: For a box with dimension: 15cm*15cm*15cm & weight of 0.40 kg

Volumetric weight = (15X15X15)/5000= 0.675 kg

Actual weight of shipment= 0.40 kg

Weight that should be entered for the shipment is 0.675 kg

If there is any variation identified at the Logistics Partner’s end while shipping the product, the difference amount will have to be cleared by you and this may impact your payouts.(the amount will be communicated to you by the Dukaan Delivery team once the billing happens)

  • Once you click on “Proceed to Ship”, You will be prompted to pay the delivery fees using UPI, debit, or credit card. You can also add a one-off bulk amount in your account as credits and use that to pay for individual orders instead of paying one by one.

  • Upon payment confirmation, a popup will come and it will show Courier Name, Tracking ID, and Download Shipping Label & Invoice for this shipment.

  • You should download & print the Invoice & Shipping label. At the time of packing, insert the invoice inside the package and stick the shipping label onto the packing box.

  • Please ensure the package is ready before you create a shipment as within the next 24 hrs, the courier partner will come to your warehouse address to pick up the package.

  • In case the shipment could not be picked up within 24 hours, the field executive will try to connect with you again and collect the package. However, if after 3 attempts he is unable to reach you or the shipment is not picked within 15 days of shipment date, it will be canceled by Dukaan and you can proceed with the Self-ship option.

  • The order will be delivered to your customer within the next 3-5 working days ( in case of unforeseen circumstances, your delivery can get delayed). You as well as your customer will be able to track the order from your order tracking page.

  • Once the status of the order is changed to ‘delivered’, Dukaan will release your payout within 24 hours. This status is received from Delivery Partners and is updated on Dukaan’s dashboard within 24 hours.
    Note : Payouts will be released only on working days ( weekends & public holidays are excluded).

  • If you notice any discrepancies (e.g.product undelivered) please contact us at [email protected] within 24-48 hours for us to investigate.

  • If your buyer is not contactable after 4 attempts by the Delivery Partner or if the shipment could not be delivered within 30 days we will have the package returned back to you.

  • To cover for any loss or damage please safeguard your products by buying an Insurance from any Insurer before shipping.

  • If you want to file a complaint for receiving a faulty or a damaged product in case of RTO, it needs to be raised with Dukaan Delivery within 24-48 hours at [email protected]. Delivery Partner will only register the case if you have the packaging and unpacking footage available, with the AWB number visible and recorded in the video.

  • After the investigation is completed by the Delivery Partner, for all valid claims, you will get the order value reimbursed or up to INR 3000 whichever is lower.

  • The Delivery Partners keep a record for PODs only for 30 days hence, please reach us within 15-20 days of the date of delivery in case you need a POD for a shipment.

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