How to use the Userlike plugin?

How to use the Userlike plugin?

The Userlike plugin enables you to add the live chat feature on your website. To install the plugin, search for Userlike in the plugin section.

Select Userlike and click on install plugin.

Upon installing the plugin, you’ll need to open Userlike on your browser

  • First, you need to create/login to your account on Userlike.

  • Go to the installation tab in the Userlike dashboard under Channels > Website widgets

  • The Userlike widget code is the highlighted region. Copy the code given and paste this code in your plugin settings on Dukaan.

Click on Update after entering the code. The Userlike plugin will now be enabled on your store.

After activating the Userlike plugin, your website will have a customized website messenger which will look something like this:

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