How to use the Shippo plugin?

How to use the Shippo plugin?

Note: This is only applicable to sellers outside of India.

Shippo helps you ship your products across at the best prices.

To start using the plugin, go to Plugins and install the Shippo plugin.

Once you've installed the plugin, enter the Shippo Token and Warehouse Address details as shown below and save it.

Here's how you can start using Shippo on your Dukaan store:

  1. Create a Shippo account or login if you have one

  2. Under Integrations, click on API

  3. Click on Generate Token under the Live Token section

  4. Copy this token and paste this here

Refer to this article to know more.

To start shipping orders from Shippo, go to Orders and select any order that you want to ship. Now, accept the order and click on the Ship order button. You'll see here that you can ship orders via Shippo or ship them manually. To use Shippo, enter the weight of the shipment and select the courier partner from the options.

When you proceed to ship, you'll see the confirmation screen. Here, click on Pay and Request delivery to raise the pickup request. The amount will be deducted from your Shippo account.

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