How to use Store Timings?

How to use Store Timings?

Note: This is applicable only to users in India.

Store Timings allow you to manage your store's working hours on Dukaan. This feature comes in handy when you want to set specific opening and closing times so that you don't have to manually do it every time.

To get started with this, go to Manage and click on Store Timings. You'll see the below screen.

Here, you can set store opening and closing times for all days.

If you want to keep your store open for 24 hours, let the option as is.

If you want to set a specific time against every day, click on 24 hours. Now from the drop-down, choose the opening time and then the closing time, as illustrated below. You can do it for the rest of the day, by following the steps mentioned above. Once done, your store will turn Online and Offline at the selected time.

If your business is OFF once a day every week, you can turn the store Offline for that day. Once done, your store will remain Offline for that day every week in the future unless you change it.

Once you've set the timings for the store, click on Save and the new store timings will be applied to your store.

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