How to use Extra Charges?

How to use Extra Charges?

If your store delivers orders to customers and you want to charge a delivery fee, you can set it up easily. You can also add other charges (applicable as per your business) which you want to levy on your online orders, for example - GST, packaging charges, service charges, etc.

To add extra charges, go to Manage and then select Extra Charges.

Click on the toggle button to enable delivery charges on your store. In the Delivery charge per order, add the per order delivery charge. In Free delivery above, you can mention the order value above which you’ll give free delivery to customers. In the below example, I’ll be charging Rs. 30 delivery fee on every order but orders above Rs. 150 will get free delivery. You can set different delivery fees for buyers who pay through online payments. Click on the checkbox and enter the delivery charge for online paid orders. Click on Save Changes at the bottom when you’re done.

You can also add GST charges and customers will be required to pay GST when buying from your Dukaan Store. To add that, click on the toggle button to enable GST for your store. Now, add your GST number and the GST percentage that you want to charge. Once done, you’ll be able to charge GST on all orders.

To add other charges, as applicable to your business, click on Create extra charges. You can create an extra charge in two ways - percent and flat price.

To create a percent charge, select the percent ratio button and add the charge name and charge in percent. For example, I’ve created a Service Charge of 5%. This charge would be calculated on the total order value and customers can see it while placing the order.

In a Flat price, you can set a fixed extra charge on all your orders. For example, I’ve created a flat extra charge of Rs.15 for order packaging. When customers are doing the checkout from your store, they will be charged Rs.15 extra for packaging on top of the total order value.

Once you’re done, click on Create. Delivery charges and extra charges will be applied to the store and customers can see it while purchasing from your store.

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