How to use the Kommunicate plugin?

How to use the Kommunicate plugin?

Kommunicate is an AI-based automated customer service tool that lets you interact with your customers in real time, resolving their queries and creating a delightful customer experience.


  • 24x7 support to customer queries with instant replies.

  • Codeless chatbot builder - Create your own custom Dukaan chatbot and add it to your website without any coding.

  • Codeless bot integration - You can codeless-ly integrate chatbots from popular platforms such as Dialogflow CS & EX, Amazon lex, IBM Watson, and custom bot.

  • Chatbot to human handoff - In the event that your chatbot cannot understand your query, it will automatically transfer the inquiry to the next available human agent

  • All-in-one chatbot platform - Deploy your chatbots on multiple platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Line.

How to install Kommunicate on your Dukaan store

  • To start using Kommunicate, create an account on Kommunicate or log in (if you have one)

  • Now under settings, click Installation and select Web

  • Copy the APP_ID

  • Now, Install the Kommunicate plugin on Dukaan

  • Click on Settings and it’ll ask for Kommunicate App ID

  • Paste your App ID here to complete the installation

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