How to use the Clarity by Microsoft plugin?

How to use the Clarity by Microsoft plugin?

By using Clarity's analytics tools, you can enhance your website for your clients and your business. Clarity offers many unique features to help you understand user behavior. These include session recordings, heatmaps, and ML Insights.


  • Clarity allows you to view Session recordings, heatmaps, and insights into how users interact with your website.

  • Session recordings allow you to examine user behavior as it happened. You’ll see where things are working smoothly and where your users drop off

  • Heatmaps show you where your users clicked and scrolled, and how they moved around your site. You’ll discover which parts of the page drive the most engagement and which parts get less traffic

  • Data is analyzed and ready to view in near real-time

  • There are no limits on the number of sites per account. Clarity can scale to support even the largest websites

  • Deep AI and Machine Learning algorithm-powered insights help you analyze user behavior efficiently

How to install Clarity by Microsoft on your Dukaan store

Here's how you can start using Clarity by Microsoft

  • To start using Clarity, create an account on Clarity or log in (if you have one)

  • Select a project and navigate to the Settings tab

  • Go to Setup and copy the Clarity tracking code

  • Now, install the Clarity plugin on Dukaan

  • Click on Settings and you will see the option for Clarity Tracking Code

  • Paste your Tracking Code here to complete the installation.

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