How to use the URL Redirect plugin?

How to use the URL Redirect plugin?

How to Use the URL Redirect Plugin

The URL Redirect plugin allows you to seamlessly redirect old URLs to new URLs using 301 redirects. Whether you're rebranding, restructuring your website, or moving content to a different location, this plugin ensures a smooth transition for your visitors and preserves SEO value

Installation Guide:

  1. Install the URL Redirect Plugin:

    • Click on the installation button to install the plugin.

  2. Adding a Redirect:

    • Go to the plugin settings in your Dukaan dashboard.

    • Click on the "Create a redirect" button.

    • Enter the old URL in the designated field. (Example: "/old-page")

    • Enter the new URL to which you want the redirection to happen. (Example: "/new-page")

    • Click on the "Create" button to save the redirect.

  3. Editing or Deleting a Redirect:

    • In the plugin settings, locate the redirect you want to edit or delete.

    • Click on the three dots (ellipsis) icon next to the redirect.

    • Select "Edit" to modify the old or new URL.

    • Select "Delete" to remove the redirect from your configuration.

  4. Best Practices:

    • Ensure you have a custom domain set up for your website to ensure reliable redirection.

    • Use 301 redirects for permanent URL changes to preserve SEO value.

    • Avoid redirecting one old URL to multiple new URLs. Each old URL should be redirected to a single new URL.

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