How to use the Pincode Based ETA plugin

How to use the Pincode Based ETA plugin

The Pincode Based ETA plugin is a powerful tool that allows you to provide your customers with estimated delivery times based on their pincode. This feature can enhance the customer shopping experience by providing clear expectations about delivery times.

Note: This plugin is a part of Dukaan's Enterprise Plan and is available as a paid feature. To learn more about Dukaan's Enterprise Plan, visit this link

Once you're on Dukaan's enterprise plan, get in touch with your account representative and ask them to enable the Pincode Based ETA plugin for your particular site. Once enabled, this is how it will look on the PDP:

Here, your cusromers can input the delivery pincode and check estimated delivery time. This is calculated basis your warehouse and the pincode delivery sheet provided to us by shipping partners like Bluedart and Delhivery.

The same can be made custom for your specific delivery ETA's and use case.

The Pincode Based ETA plugin is a great way to provide clear delivery expectations to your customers, enhancing their shopping experience and potentially increasing conversion rates.

Note that the Pincode Based ETA plugin is a paid feature and part of Dukaan's Enterprise Plan. To learn more about the pricing and features of the Enterprise Plan, visit Dukaan's Enterprise Plan Pricing.

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