How to use the Product Scarcity plugin?

How to use the Product Scarcity plugin?

What is the product scarcity plugin?

The product scarcity plugin allows you to create a sense of urgency by showcasing a limited quantity of products available on the product page. It prompts users to make the purchase, thus boosting sales for your store.

Note: This plugin is a part of Dukaan's enterprise plan and is paid. In case you want to know more about Dukaan's enterprise offerings, head over to this link.

Note: The product scarcity plugin has no impact on actual inventory. Your store inventory will only be reduced on placement of an order. If real inventory of the product falls below 5 units, actual inventory will be shown.

How to use the product scarcity plugin?

In order to use the product scarcity plugin, head over to the plugins section on your Dukaan dashboard and search for 'Product Scarcity'. Click on Install Plugin. Once installed, click on Settings.

You will see the below screen. Let's see how to fill out the information for it.

  1. Message before count: The message you wish to show on your product listing page before

  2. No. of count: The number of inventory that is to be displayed. Note - When your actual inventory falls below 5, the actual inventory will be shown

  3. Message after count: The message to be shown after the inventory count

  4. Show scarcity on: Which products/categories the inventory is to be shown on

You can also see a preview of the messages below.

Once done, click on Update. Your message will now be displayed on the products/categories chosen.

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