How to use the CookieYes plugin?

How to use the CookieYes plugin?

The CookieYes plugin allows you to make your website GDPR (RGPD, DSVGO) compliant with GDPR cookie consent & compliance notices for your Dukaan store.

In addition to compliance, CookieYes also supports cookie compliance in accordance with the LGPD of Brazil, CNIL of France, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

To install the plugin, first, go to the plugin page and search for the CookieYes plugin. Click on Install. After installing the plugin, click on settings.

Upon clicking settings, you will be asked to enter the Website Key.

You can find the Website Key by going into your Cookieyes account.

After logging into your CookieYes account, a wide variety of cookie display options will be given to you. You can choose your cookie consent to appear in the form of Classic, Banner or Box.

After choosing your desired banner you will need to enter the website key onto the Dukaan plugin.

How to Enter the Website key:

To get the website key you will need to go to the set up section on Then, copy the highlighted section of the code as shown below.

Once the code has been copied, paste it onto the website key section of the Dukaan Plugin.

Once you’ve entered the key click on Update and the CookieYes plugin will be activated on your Dukaan store.

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