How to use the Mailmunch plugin?

How to use the Mailmunch plugin?

MailMunch is the complete lead generation toolkit for your Dukaan store. It makes it easier to collect more leads and keep them engaged with your brand.

Choose from popovers, covers, scroll boxes, top bars, embedded forms, and more to create the perfect form for every campaign.

Here’s how you can start using the Mailmunch plugin:

  1. Create your account on MailMunch and add your site

  2. Click on your website name on the MailMunch dashboard

  3. Go to the Site Settings on the left sidebar

  4. Click on Get Site Code on the top right corner of the page.

  5. Copy the mailmunch-site-id from the code snippet. Please note that the site ID would be a number (for example: 992423)

  6. Install the MailMunch plugin from Dukaan Dashboard and paste the ID in the settings page

  7. Click Update to finish installing the plugin

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