How to use the Re:amaze plugin?

How to use the Re:amaze plugin?

Re:amaze combines email, live chat, video call, social media, mobile SMS, VoIP, and push notification conversations seamlessly so your support team can focus on creating amazing customer experiences. Collaborate with teammates using assignments, notes, and shared views.

Automate common tasks using machine learning and create macros with natural language so customer messages never slip through the cracks.


  • Proactively engage customers with messages and calls to action based on automated triggers and rules.

  • Customizable contact forms with dependent fields for your app or website. Automate form responses with Workflows.

  • Measure and gauge your team's effectiveness with automated qualitative and quantitative surveys.

  • Automate common workflows with custom triggers on incoming conversations.

  • Use response templates and searchable FAQ articles to respond to your customers quickly.

  • Create tags as an admin or add tags on the fly for better organization and intuitive automation.

  • Customizable roles and permissions for each agent ensure dashboard privacy and admin controls.

  • Frictionless co-browsing to get a peek at your customers' roadblocks in real-time.

  • See when your team is viewing and replying to customer conversations.

  • Set your office hours, vacation days, and individual staff shifts to ensure customers never get left in the dark.

How to install Re:amaze on your Dukaan store

Here’s how you can start using the Re:amaze plugin:

  • To start using Re:amaze, create an account on Re:amaze or log in (if you have one)

  • In the dashboard URL, you will find the account ID for your Re:amaze account. For example- If my URL address is, then my Account ID is dukaan-app.

  • Now, install the Re:amaze plugin on Dukaan

  • Click on settings and it’ll ask for your Account ID

  • Paste your ID code here and click on update to complete the installation

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