How to use the Zotabox plugin?

How to use the Zotabox plugin?

Zotabox offers over 20+ high-quality marketing tools in one package to boost your sales, and increase your subscribers and followers.

Zotabox tools load doesn’t slow down your website. The Zotabox plugin uses the latest technology to deliver maximum performance and the quickest load times.

Use the Zotabox plugin to add Popups, header bars, notification boxes, and banners and engage customers to shop from your online store.


  • Easy Popup

  • Header Bar

  • Slide Box

  • Landing Page Builder

  • Notification Box

  • Sticker

  • Push Notifications

  • Promo Box

  • Easy Banner

  • Contact Form Builder

  • Facebook Live Chat

  • Social Buttons

  • Back To Top Buttons

  • EU Cookie Notification

  • Store Locator

  • Social Review

  • Social Mobile Bar

How to install Zotabox on your Dukaan store

Here’s how you can start using the Zotabox plugin:

  • To start using this plugin, create an account or log in to Zotabox.

  • On the right panel on the Zotabox dashboard, you’ll find the button to “Embed Code”

  • Copy the website ID from the given script. For example - <script async src="//"></script>

  • Paste this website ID in the input in the Dukaan plugin’s settings page after installing it.

Click on Update to start using Zotabox on your Dukaan store

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