How to use the CookieBot plugin?

How to use the CookieBot plugin?

With Cookiebot, you can easily manage cookies and trackers on your website, enabling GDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA compliance.

The Cookiebot consent management platform (CMP) provides transparency and control over cookies and other web tracking. Maintain the trust of your website users while following all current data protection laws and avoiding potential non-compliance fines.


  • Automated cookie scan and declaration

  • Customizable cookie consent banner and widget

  • Cookie control & javascript SDK

  • Cookie repository

  • Support and auto-detect any language

  • Real-time geo-targeting and robust reporting with analytics

How to install CookieBot on your Dukaan store

Here’s how you can start using the Cookiebot plugin:

  • Create an account or log in to Cookiebot

  • Head to the Cookiebot Dashboard

  • Add your Dukaan store’s domain name(s) and click save. The website will now be scanned (please allow up to 24 hours for the scan to complete)

  • Choose the cookie consent banner and widget you want to display on your website

  • Once you have customized the banner according to your liking, head over to settings and click your scripts

  • Copy the Domain Group ID and paste it into the Dukaan plugin’s settings

Click on Update to start using CookieBot on your Dukaan store

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