How to use the Tidio Live Chat plugin?

How to use the Tidio Live Chat plugin?

Engage your customers from the comfort of your office, couch, or on the go. We’ve got solutions that work for any business model. Keep the conversation going using a browser widget and desktop or mobile app.

Tidio Chat is a web-based live chat software that combines messages from emails, Facebook Messenger, and website chat widgets into a unified agent interface, enabling agents to deal with all customer messages at the same time, with the same tools, regardless of which channel they come in from.


  • Automation triggers include visitors opening a new page, visiting the site for the first time, returning to the site, spending a certain amount of time on a single page, or when an operator doesn’t respond to a message.

  • Automation actions include sending emails or chat messages and adding or removing tags from customer profiles.

  • Live chat can be offered as a widget, sidebar, or dedicated page, which can be customized with different colors, button positions, status messages, and display options.

  • Pre-chat surveys can be added to collect visitors’ names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more before a chat starts.

  • Quick responses to common questions can be set up with short messages, links to other content, or full articles, and searched for or selected from a list.

How to install Tidio Live Chat on your Dukaan store

The installation guide is as follows:

  • Create your account on

  • Go to Settings -> Developer

  • Copy the Public Key

  • Install the Tidio plugin from the Dukaan dashboard

  • Paste the copied key in the plugin settings

Click on Update to start using Tidio on your Dukaan store

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