What is Dukaan's Enterprise plan?

What is Dukaan's Enterprise plan?

At Dukaan, we've designed our Enterprise Plan as a comprehensive solution for businesses ready to expand their online presence. With the trust of over 2000 brands worldwide, we're proud to offer a robust platform that accelerates enterprise growth with lightning-fast performance.

One of the key features of our Enterprise Plan is its superior performance compared to other platforms. We provide more checkout conversions and better site loading performance than our competitors. In fact, we've seen sellers who switched from other platforms to Dukaan double their revenues.

But our Enterprise Plan isn't just about speed and conversions; it's also about enhancing the customer shopping experience. We've developed user-friendly interfaces and advanced features that streamline the checkout process, making online shopping faster and more efficient for customers. Our commitment to exceptional customer experiences is a cornerstone of our service.

Moreover, our Enterprise Plan is designed to help businesses overcome challenges related to low conversions or revenue. We're committed to breaking these barriers and unlocking higher conversions and accelerated growth for our users.

In addition to these features, our Enterprise Plan offers extensive external integrations and customizations with enterprise-grade plugins. These include:

  • Pincode based ETA: This allows businesses to provide customers with estimated delivery times based on their pincode.

  • Brand Information: Businesses can display detailed brand information to enhance customer trust and engagement.

  • CustomerGLU: Integration with CustomerGLU can help businesses understand their customers better and improve customer retention.

  • Custom Delivery Partners: Integrate with their preferred delivery partners for more efficient logistics.

  • Custom Shipping Rules: Set up custom shipping rules to meet your specific needs.

  • Multi Vendor Marketplace (B2B): Create a B2B marketplace with multiple vendors.

  • Membership Tiers: Offer different membership tiers to their customers.

  • Login Based Pricing: Offer special pricing for logged-in customers or only have different pricing for certain set of your customers.

  • Unicommerce, Vinculum, EasyEcom: Integration with these platforms can help you manage your e-commerce operations more efficiently.

  • Interakt, Limechat, Moengage, Webengage: Improve your customer engagement and marketing efforts with these offerings.

  • Data Channel: Integration with Data Channel can help you manage their data more effectively.

  • Affise: Manage your affiliate marketing programs with Affise.

  • FAQ Plugin: Add FAQ sections to your website and on a product level to answer common customer queries.

Our Enterprise Plan is a comprehensive e-commerce solution that combines speed, efficiency, and user-friendly interfaces with extensive external integrations and customizations. Whether you're struggling with low conversions or looking to improve site performance, Dukaan's Enterprise Plan offers a promising solution to elevate your business to new heights.

Head over to https://mydukaan.io/enterprises to know more about our enterprise plan and schedule a meeting now!

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