How to use File Picker in the order form?

How to use File Picker in the order form?

With this new feature, you can now allow customers to add photos during checkout to get more information. For example, if you're an online pharmacy, you can add this field from the app or web and customers can add the prescription while placing an order.

To use this feature, go to Manage and click on Order Form. Now click on Add new field button.

Now, click on Choose field type and select File Picker.

Now enter the Field name of your choice. For example, here we've mentioned Attach Photo to make it easier for buyers to understand what we're asking for. You can also make this field compulsory by clicking on the Required toggle button. Once done, click on Add field button to complete the process.

To add it from the app, go to Manage and then select Order Form. Click on Add new field button and select the image uploader option. Enter a name for the field and click on Add field button to save the changes.

After you've added this field, your customers can now attach photos during the checkout.

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