A Guide to Adding Menus in Your Dukaan Store

A Guide to Adding Menus in Your Dukaan Store

Adding a menu to your Dukaan store is a great way to organize information and enhance the customer experience. Whether it's showcasing new pages, displaying categories or products, creating drop-down menus, or directing customers to custom links, the Appearance feature in Dukaan allows you to do it all effortlessly.

Getting Started:

To begin, log in to your Dukaan Store from your laptop/desktop. Click on Appearance and then select Menus.

Here, you can choose where to display your menu – in the header, footer, or both. You can structure your menu using pages, custom links, products, or categories.


Add any published page to the menu. Customers can click on page titles to navigate to the respective page.

Custom Link:

Add any custom link crucial for your business. Enter the URL and give it a clear Navigation Label for easy understanding. Click "Add to Menu."


Add your best-selling or newly launched products to the menu. Select the products and click "Add to Menu."


Display top categories and nest top products for a drop-down menu effect. Select the categories and click "Add to Menu."

Deleting Items:

If you want to remove a page, product, or category, navigate to "Menu Structure," click on the item, and then hit "Remove."

Creating Drop-Down Menus:

Nesting Items

Nest products under categories or pages under different pages to create a drop-down menu. Drag and drop items to achieve the desired structure.

Arranging Items

Set the order of items by clicking and dragging them up or down. This determines their position in the menu.

Saving Changes:

Once you've made the necessary changes, click "Save Menu" to ensure all modifications are saved.

Previewing Your Menu:

After saving, open your Dukaan Store link to see the menu in action. The menu will be visible in the header/footer, displaying products, categories, pages, or custom links.

This easy-to-follow guide empowers you to create a well-organized and user-friendly menu for your Dukaan store. Explore the possibilities and enhance your customers' browsing experience effortlessly.

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