How to use the Amaze theme?

How to use the Amaze theme?

To use the Amaze theme, go to Appearance. Now, click on Apply to choose this theme for your store.

Once applied, click on Customize to make changes as per your choice.

Header & Favicon

In the Header section, you can make changes to the top section of your store:

  1. Store Logo: Change the logo of your store

  2. Show Store Name - When you enable this option by clicking on the toggle button, your store name will be shown alongside the logo of your store. If you wish to show only the logo, turn it off again.

  3. Favicon: A favicon is also known as a website icon or URL icon. It is a file containing one or more small icons, associated with a particular website or web page. You can change it to show your brand's short logo or any other image.
    By default, Dukaan's logo is shown as a Favicon if left unchanged.
    To change the Favicon, click on the Change Image button and upload the desired image.


You can choose to display six banners on the top section of your store and upload separate optimised banners for both mobile and desktop.

The recommended size for desktop banners is 1296px*544px and for mobile banners it is 360px*324px.

You can also choose to add clickable links to the banners.


Through sections, you can add the Newsletter section for your store by turning the toggle on.

Note: You need to have the mailchimp plugin configured to collect emails from your customers.

Fonts and Colors

The Fonts and Colors section allows you to change the entire color scheme and fonts of your store.

To edit this, click on the font family dropdown and choose from over 20+ different fonts for your store.

You can choose to edit the color scheme by adding a primary and secondary color for your store. You also have the option to choose from the existing color presets below.


You can use the advanced section to modify the theme using Custom CSS. To know more about custom css and how to use it, click here.

Additionally, you can toggle the Sticky "Buy now" button to increase conversions on mobile and have a sticky button on the product page.


The Homepage section allows you to customise the homepage of the Amaze theme

  1. Main category product list section
    This section allows you to select a primary category that you want to make visible on your homepage.

    In this case, we have selected the 'Vintage' product category here.

  2. Clickable banner section 1
    The clickable banner section allows you to add a banner and a redirect link on top of it. You will also see the 'Banner label' text here, however, that will not be displayed on the theme page and you can leave it empty.

    The banner size for the "clickable banner size 1" section is 3240x591 px

    Here is what it would look like below:

3. Marquee Text
Marquee text refers to a scrolling text effect that moves horizontally across a web page to draw attention to important information or to create an animated effect. The marquee text effect gives the illusion of text continuously scrolling in one direction.

On the store, here is the marquee text that has been added from the dashboard

4. Image with text section

Next up, we have the Image with text section, that will look like this on your website

You can add the content for it here in your 'Homepage' settings:

5. Image with category products section
The Image with category products section allows you to add an image and map the category from which products are to be shown here. Remember to make your banners attractive!

Square banners of a high resolution will work for this and you can add a banner of size 1000px x 1000px. Here's what this section will look like:

6. Image gallery section

The image gallery section allows you to upload up to 9 square images with an on click link to it in a scrolling format. You only need to upload the images here in square size and then add the on click links for it.

This is what it would look like on your website

7. Youtube Embed Section

Simply add the youtube link for your brand in this youtube embed section and see the blazing fast speed of Dukaan render it without impacting your site performance.

Customer testimonials

Add customer testimonials by heading into the section on the left

Give a heading to your reviews section, the name of the customer, the star rating they gave your business and the review provided by them.

Remember to always hit the Update button at the top after making any changes to your store!

Here is what the reviews section will look like

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