How to Update Products using CSV on Dukaan?

How to Update Products using CSV on Dukaan?

Managing your product inventory efficiently is crucial for the smooth operation of your online store. Dukaan offers a simple way to update your products or inventory in bulk using CSV files. This guide will walk you through the process of downloading your current inventory, making changes, and uploading the updated CSV file.

1: Accessing the Product List

Log in to your Dukaan dashboard and click on Products in the left-hand menu to view your current product list.

2: Downloading Your Current Inventory CSV

  • Click on the dropdown button located at the top right of the product list and the click on Bulk update products.

  • Next, under 'Download your current catalog' click on 'Select catalogue type'.

  • Choose the type of catalog you wish to update (e.g., Product Information, Product Inventory).

  • If the inventory needs to be updated, select the warehouse for which you want to update the inventory.

    Note: Multi warehouse Inventory can only be mapped/managed if the SKU ID is assigned to all the products. If it's not, you need to 1st assign an SKU ID to each Product.

  • Click on 'Download CSV'.

3: Editing the CSV file

  • If you have downloaded product information catalogue, then the following information can be updated.

  • If you have downloaded product inventory catalogue, then the following information can be updated.

  • Save the changes to the CSV file.

4: Uploading the Updated CSV File

  • Return to the 'Update using CSV' section on the Dukaan dashboard. and click on 'Add file'.

  • Select the updated CSV file from your system.

  • Click 'Update products' to upload the file.

5: Confirming the Updated information

Go back to the Products section to verify that the product information/inventory levels are updated accordingly.

Updating information using CSV files is a quick and efficient method to manage large numbers of products on Dukaan. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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