Product Catalog / Feed for Facebook shops & Google Merchant Center

Product Catalog / Feed for Facebook shops & Google Merchant Center

  1. To sync your product catalog with Google & Facebook you need to add your dukaan product catalog feed to both these services using a file link as your data source.

  2. To find your product feed link follow these steps

    1. Go to

    2. Install the Google Merchant Centre Plugin from the Plugins section

    3. After installing the plugin add your Merchant Centre verification code. ( if your website is already active and verified you can enter "test") and press enter

    4. Once you have added the details, a link will show up "copy product feed link"

    5. Copy the link and use it to set your Google product feed using the feed link method, the link is not password-protected

    6. This link will allow Google and Facebook to fetch your product catalog in real time.

    7. Here is what the link will look like:


    8. To ensure all product data is available to Google and Facebook feeds please add the data at a product level on your dukaan store, such as SKU ID, Weight, GTIN, Inventory, Google Product Category

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your Google Merchant Center Feed

  1. Visit your Google merchant center account

  2. Select the product feed section, and click on Add new primary feed

  3. Select your Target country and add a label for your feed

  4. In the Name and Input Methodm, Create a name of the feed and select the scheduled fetch method

  5. Click on continue, configure your file, enter a file name of your choice, select a frequency for how many times you would like Google to fetch your product data, and under the URL section paste the URL for the feed you copied from your dukaan google merchant center plugin.

  6. Click on Create Feed, and your feed will now be live in 30-60 minutes and will remain in sync with the data available at your Dukaan store.

Step-by-Step Guide - How to set up Facebook Catalog.

  1. Keep your feed link ready, from the above steps.

  2. Open your Facebook business manager and navigate to the commerce manager section under all tools

  3. In your commerce manager - click on add catalog button

  4. Select your catalog type as E-commerce

  5. In the settings, select the upload product info option and click on Create Catalog \

  6. Once the catalog is created open the catalog which as of now has no products and under the catalog find the data-sources option

  7. Click on the data sources section and you will find options to attach your data source, select the data feed option.

  8. Enter the same feed URL generated and used for your Google merchant center plugin

  9. Click on next and configure how many times you want Facebook to fetch and refresh your product feed.

  10. Once the above steps are completed your feed should be live in 30-60 minutes.

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