Dukaan vs Shopify

Dukaan vs Shopify

Why Dukaan and Shopify are noncomparable.

  • Shopify is a web-first e-commerce platform

  • E-commerce for Shopify was defined in a different era, hence a lot of functionalities such as reviews, wishlist, logistics, returns, loyalty, discounts, etc are not completely integrated resulting in additional charges being paid for basic e-commerce functionalities.

  • Dukaan's e-commerce suite comes built-in with most of the functionalities you would see in today's commerce.

Comparison by store speed and conversion rates.

Comparison by price

Price Comparision by Orders Dukaan Vs Shopify

Dukaan Free

Shopify Basic (₹1,499/mo)

Dukaan Starter (₹1,200/mo)

Shopify (₹5,599/mo)

Dukaan Growth (₹3,125/mo)

Shopify Advanced (₹22,680/mo)

Stores with 100 Orders







Stores With 500 Orders







Stores with 1000 Orders







  1. Monthly Price: The base monthly subscription cost for each plan.

  2. Service Fee: A percentage fee charged on the transaction value. This fee varies across plans and directly influences the cost as the number of orders increases.

  3. Transaction Fees: An additional percentage fee for Shopify plans. For Dukaan, it's dependent on the payment gateway chosen (we assumed this to be negligible for simplicity).

  4. Loyalty Management: A fixed cost applicable only to Shopify plans.

  5. Bundles: Another fixed cost applicable only to Shopify plans.

  6. Dukaan Plugin Packs: A fixed cost applicable only to Shopify plans.

  7. Number of Orders: We considered scenarios of 100, 500, and 1000 orders, with each order being worth ₹500.

  8. Total Cost: The sum of the Monthly Price, Service Fee (applied to the total transaction value), Transaction Fees (if applicable), and any additional fixed costs like Loyalty Management, Bundles, and Dukaan Plugin Packs.

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